Rules & Policies

BBSC Rules & Policies


Refund Policy: There will be no cash refunds under any circumstances. This policy will be strictly adhered to out of fairness to all. Our “no refunds policy” also applies to weather cancellations as well as changes to the race after registration. Unforeseen changes can occur at any time no matter how finalized anything seems to be. However, we do understand that things come up that are beyond your control. As a customer service initiative, we do offer the ability to transfer to another individual or defer your registration to another upcoming BBSC running event within the same calendar year. Most events don't allow transfers or deferment at all so this is a courtesy we offer to our participants. Please read our Deferment and Transfer Policy below.


Deferment Policy: If you are unable to race due to medical or personal reasons, you may defer your race entry paid minus a $10 admin fee to a future event within 12 months of the original event. Deferrals do not carry over beyond one year, and a written request must be made more than 30 days in advance of the event. This deferral only covers the race entry fee. In order to defer your registration, you will need to e-mail us at with your Full Name, Registered Race, Race Distance and desired changes more than 30 days before the event. Athletes wishing to defer will be provided with a unique entry code that can be used towards a future event that is within 12 months of the original event. Please read the additional rules below.

Transfer Policy: If you are transferring your registration to someone else, you must provide the name of the new individual as well as their contact information, so we can collect all of their race information and have them sign waivers and ensure they are insured for the event.  Transfers will incur a $10 admin fee. Transfers only include the race entry fee. Transfers will be handled on a case by case basis. Please read the additional rules below.


  • There is only one transfer OR deferment allowed per original registration.

  • If changing from a race with a higher entry fee to a race with a lower entry fee, the athlete will receive no refund of the difference in the fees.

  • If transferring from a race with a lower entry fee to a race with a higher entry fee, the athlete will be required to pay the difference of these two race fees.


Waivers – Agreeing to the waivers and payment of your entry fee constitutes your acceptance of all BBSC Endurance Sports waiver and USATF policies waiver.


Event Modifications / Cancellations – The race directors and/or USATF officials reserve the right to reschedule, modify or cancel any or all portions of an event if weather conditions or anything else compromising athlete safety or makes the originally planned event impossible.  There will be no refunds for rescheduled, modified or canceled events.


Unauthorized Transfers – Participants who swap or sell their race number without authorization will not be allowed to race in another BBSC Endurance Sports event for a period of 2 years and will be subject to disciplinary action by USATF.


Audio Devices- Headphones are not allowed in running events associated with a multi-sport race, per USAT Rules. Audio devices and headphones will be allowed in stand-alone running events.

Things to Know



Age Groups - An athlete’s age is determined based on the day of the race for all USATF Sanctioned events. 

Audio Devices - Will be allowed on the run courses during all USATF sanctioned events.


Bibs – All provided numbers must be worn and visible at all times.  Run bibs MUST BE WORN AND VISIBLE FROM THE FRONT during the run. 


Communication Plan – Prior to the race, establish a communication plan with family and friends. Share relevant information with your emergency contact. It is essential that you have a plan for contacting or reuniting with your group following your race.


Courses - Directional signs, marshals, volunteers and staff will be positioned to clearly designate the course, however, IT IS THE ATHLETE’S RESPONSIBILITY TO KNOW THE COURSE before beginning their race.  Maps are available online and will be posted both at packet pick-up and on race morning, but will not be printed and distributed to each athlete.


Course Cut-Off Times – Course cut-off times can be found on the race day schedule. BBSC has the right to remove an athlete from the course and DNF* the athlete if the course coordinator determines there is no possibility of finishing within the allotted time frame, based on the athlete’s location, time and average speed. But please don’t be worried about this! We have very generous cut-off times. *DNF stands for Do Not Finish. You will be asked to remove your timing chip. You may proceed at your own risk or catch a lift back to the start/finish area.


Dogs - There will be no dogs or pets allowed on the course at events associated with a multi-sport race, per USAT Rules and for the safety of all our participants.


Event Survey – We want to hear about your experience. Shortly after the event, you will receive an email with a link to an online survey that will ask you questions about your participation in the event. The information gathered from this survey will help us continue to provide you with the best possible race experience in future years. Thanks in advance for your participation in this important process.


Finish Line Policy – Each athlete will be given adequate time to catch their breath and celebrate their accomplishment. We ask that each athlete immediately continue on to the food tent & Expo, as not to interfere with other finishers and ensure the safety of participants, volunteers and fans. Allow yourself time to receive your finisher medal, water bottle, recovery drink & fruit and EXIT the finish tent. The finish tent can get crowded. Athletes will NOT BE ALLOWED to loiter or wait for friends to finish.


Hydration - The best hydration strategy for endurance athletes is to maintain focus on staying fully hydrated beginning one week before race day, but good hydration is especially critical for two or three days prior to the race.  Please consider hydration as a key to having your best race and avoiding a visit with the medics!


Litter - Please remember that we are guests of the venues that support us.  Litter on the course could jeopardize the life of our events, so please, DO NOT LITTER… dispose of all trash in proper receptacles.


Lost & Found – A Lost & Found will be available at the Flatirons Timing Tent located near the finish line. Any items retrieved from the course and left in transition will be made available for two weeks after the event. After the two week claim period, items will be donated. Please contact to schedule the return for your lost (and found) item. Shipping charges may apply.


Relay Teams – All relay team members must register separately.


Safety / Medical –  If you need medical assistance when on the run course, look for staff that will be roaming constantly, or tell another athlete and they will call it out to us as they pass by. An ambulance with staffed paramedics will be positioned at the finish line.


Strollers - There will be no strollers allowed on the course at events associated with a multi-sport race, per USAT Rules and for the safety of all our participants.


Timing Chips – Chips MUST BE WORN AROUND YOUR ANKLE.  Either ankle is fine, but wearing it around your wrist or putting it in a pocket will prevent us from being able to provide you with an official finish time.  Please DO NOT EXCHANGE CHIPS WITH ANOTHER ATHLETE.  The chip is uniquely programmed to identify each individual athlete.


Timing – Flatirons Event Specialists will be timing all BBSC events. Timing mats will be positioned at the finish line. Finish times will be posted at the timing trailer near the finish line. Results will be continually updated throughout the day. Final results will be posted online.


USATF Rules – It is STRONGLY SUGGESTED that you make yourself aware of all USA Track & Field rules and guidelines before arriving on race day.


Use a Personal Email Address When Registering / Check Your Spam Folder for the Confirmation Email - It is your job to frequent the website and check your emails. If you use a work email there is a good chance our emails will be blocked by your firewall. Use a personal email address and check the site from home. Like us on Facebook and join our newsletter to get the latest information.


Volunteers – Volunteers help support you from the minute you pick up your packet to the time you cross the finish line and beyond. It is vital that all volunteers stay until the end of their shift. Please notify an event coordinator if you need to leave your position early. Volunteers are the key to making our races successful, to the very end!

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